Monday, March 31, 2003

"This ain't no festival!"
--one of Tina's students on her fake Shakespearean Festival that was actually an elaborate scheme to have students grade projects.

So, I spent three plus hours making this new template, which still isn't actually finished. It needs a title graphic... something glitzy with "magnolia coffee" in nice bold black type. But I think I'd rather sleep tonight than spend another three hours getting that to look perfect. The links and the comments and such will all be updated soon enough. The counter has disappeared as well, but I'm sure I can find it again somewhere.

My Amazon goody has yet to arrive, but I'm holding out vast amounts of hope for tomorrow.

Sleep for now. Toodles.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

I've been working on this "Design a School District" project for hours. The results are less than thrilling. I've undoubtedly still got hours to go. Oh well, at least I have my diet of Wheat Thins and coffee to sustain me.

Heather at 3:04 PM


Saturday, March 29, 2003

In Dr. Rock's class, and now we have webcams on our computers.

The beginning of class. I still have the will to smile.

Germain: "Your head is HUGE!"
Me: "Thanks, Germain. I'm sure everyone enjoyed that."
Everyone: laughter.

Dave, looking smug, knowing he can finish his webpage in five minutes.

A truer statement has never been made.

Heather at 11:36 AM


Thursday, March 27, 2003

Still having problems with the FTP dilemma. But, if you're reading this, then you've gotten my email and you already know that I'm a giant dumb ass.

In other news, the world is lovely. Aside from the war. But I have a problem with feeling sincere guilt about something that I truly have nothign to do with, so I'll maintain my initial statment of the world being lovely. I shared the story of the 86 chigger bites with 2nd period Drama today. Sometimes they get that far off look in their eyes, like they know that I've lived a very strange life. But it's a beautiful thing that they get my humor and they love me in spite of the fact that I actually thought it was COOL that I had had 86 chigger bites at the same time.

Off to Oxford tomorrow for class. After this weekend we've only got one class meeting left before our summer session. Oh dear lord, the first years. I'm so excited I could dance, and we all know that I do NOT dance, except for occasional happy mental breakdowns in school.

Scheduling problems abound right now. I'm not sure if I should go home for Easter or for Gail's graduation. I'm not sure if I should take a personal day to party my ass off at Memphis in May with my friends. All of a sudden, vast amounts of time spent on the porch with a good book sound like an ideal sort of existence. I'm sure I'll get restless enough sometime soon, the only problem will be whether or not I have planned for such restlessness.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

One word (okay, so it's two, but you can run them together): Waterproof Mascara!

And thank you to Lizzie for being the one person who understands this post.

Heather at 7:06 PM


I'm testing to see if I can load images when I save them on my Ole Miss web space. This graphic comes from a cool photographer chick that happens to have my name. Here goes nothin...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Obligatory Tuesday Night American Idol Post

I'm wondering why they haven't called off the show and gone ahead and declared Ruben the winner.... Oh yeah, millions of viewers and corresponding millions of advertising dollars. But God help us all if I have to sit through Julia sing one more crappy song I'm going to throw my "I <3 Joshua Gracin" poster through the freakin TV. Okay, so I don't really have a poster, but hook me up with some glitter and I could do a bang-up job. Kimberley Locke is making her run at being in the final three or four, and she got me tonight, bringing back one of many memories of sitting in Lizzie's parked car listening to songs that make me cry. Trenyce, poor thing, forgot some of her words, but she'd probably never even heard a LeAnn Rimes song before preparing something for tonight's show. ("Did I hear a niner in there?") And so, in my guilt over Charlie's departure last week, I am attempting to vote for the ailing Trenyce, mainly because she still fucking rocks.

The Three: Carmen, Julia, and Corey (again! How are these people still around?!)
The Big Loser: Julia

Heather at 6:23 PM


Monday, March 24, 2003

Dear sweet Cleveland, who inspires me to rip off cute creative things. (at least I usually beat Lizzie to it.)

A - Age: 23
B - Best Quality: People never have to wonder what I'm thinking
C - Choice of Meat: Tuna, fresh from the can. Hey, it's economical and healthy.
D - Dream Date: So many boys, so little time.
E - Escape: Sunshine, Camel Ultra Lights, Coffee, the porch
F - Favorite Food: Squash Casserole. Yes, really.
G - Greatest Accomplishment: Teaching in the Delta
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: the story would make for a very late night...
I - Internal Conflicts: choice of occupation, lack of soulmate, the usual shit
J - Jail Time: Nope. But I'm still counting on the one "get out of jail free" card my dad promised.
K - Kool-Aid: Used to be Mountain Berry Punch, but they stopped making it, so I'd have to go with Black Cherry.
L - Love:Lizzie, John, my family, my car, assorted other people who would get giant egos if I put them on the list.
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: Monetarily? My car. Spiritually? My books.
N - Name: Carol Headley Hickey
O - Outfit You Love: Awesome Band 94' tshirt and my nifty denim skirt.
P - Pizza Toppings: mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, more mushrooms
Q - Question You Want To Ask: Where will I be in five years, and who will be there with me?
R - Road Trip: Please god yes.
S - Sport To Watch: College Football
T - Television Show: American Idol
U - Unique Habit: Insisting that the cream go into the cup BEFORE the coffee.
V - Voice: Southern, but in an especially bitchy and annoying way.
W - Winter: Shoud be colder with more snow in Mississippi.
X - X?: The signature chromosome of the kinder sex.
Y - Your Name If You'd Been Born The Opposite Sex: Clint or Luke. Yuck.
Z - Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.

and now, to bed.

Heather at 9:23 PM


As I'm sure some of you already know, there is a blog being composed from Baghdad. It is a collection of observations of war, all of which are simultaneously terrifying and sickly intriguiging. I find myself reading it with fascination and realizing every third sentence or so that these events are REAL and they are happenning to another person who is blogging just like I am, only this person is in the middle of a war that MY country created. If you haven't already, please take a moment to go read.

Where is Raed ?

Heather at 6:21 PM


I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. I had a sneaking suspicion that anyone and everyone would rush to comment on the brilliant things that I post every night. I've decided that one of two things is happening.
1) My posts are not nearly as brilliant as I have been led to believe. Or maybe they've only gotten dull since I put up the comment buttons. Either way, I don't seem to be ruffling enough feathers to encite interesting feedback.
2) My friends and family are not nearly as outspoken as they claim to be, ya freakin lame-asses! "We're liberal. We have something to say about everything." Whatever. We all know where liars go...

Heather at 5:32 PM


Sunday, March 23, 2003

"I bet Ms. Reinhart knows how to build a boat."
--John, on our plan to have a luxury filled existence in Greenville

Changes to the site:
I've had a rather unstructured weekend, and therefore more time to alter and otherwise abuse the blog. Two additions of merit:
1. You can now comment (god help us all) on what I've been writing. If you feel the urge to do so, simply click on the "Comments" tag at the bottom of each entry. As of now, I'm the only person who has commented, so maybe you people aren't getting the idea...
2. A new link. In my late night web-wandering I found an awesome journal. You can find the link under "reads". Get there by clicking on le petit hiboux.

Changes in perspective:
1. I've decided I can do nearly anything as long as I'm allowed to do it outdoors. This includes ridiculously long projects in which I'm asked to plan my own school district.
2. Sometimes I can be a royal Grade-A bitch, and because of this I can hurt the people that matter the most. And with that, I offer my formal apology to Lizzie (and any typing primates). I'm terribly sorry. This project is just as hard as you said it is, if not harder. I've been working since early this morning and the best I have to show for it is a sketch of my campus grounds, which isn't even a required part of the project.

Heather at 2:17 PM


Saturday, March 22, 2003

"I'm going to go get the camera so I can take pictures of us washing the house."
--John, on Saturday mornings and soapy fun

A beautiful Saturday that has left me incredibly sleepy. Woke up early, fixed coffee, was generally productive but not toward anything that I can really show now, nearly 18 hours later. John and I spent a couple hours with a scrub brush, a refurbished 409 bottle now filled with water, a too-short garden hose, and the passion to make the front of the house sparkle even though a glance at our yard might still lead people to believe that he house had been abandoned. We got dirty and the house got clean. We took pictures. John walked around with two phones in his pockets. We got honked at frequently by passing motorists who thought we'd escaped from a home somewhere. It was sunny and wonderful.

The afternoon brought adventures with Smirnof Citrus Twist, a ridiculous assortment of hip-hop CDs and Tina's back porch overlooking the ever-creepy Lake Ferguson. We wasted the hours and cigarettes away as if we had finally found our perfect spot of relaxation, like wrinkled old ladies next to the pool at some ridiculously overpriced retirement complex. The three of us then came back to our house, helped Isaac replace John's car window, entertained Lauren by showing her the bird and feeding her sugary cereal, and watched entirely too much basketball.

And now that I'm so sleepy that I can barely hold my eyes open, I can safely say that there should be days without homework and planning and worries. These are the days that keep me sane and the days that remind me it's okay to string a few of the other kill-me-now days together in a row, especially when ever-so-often you get a day when the sun shines at the right time, the yard gets mowed before the sun goes down, there's still money in checking to pay for the chinese buffet, and a warm bed awaits when it's all over with.

Heather at 9:56 PM


In my moment of productivity this morning, I cleaned the kitchen, made my bed, and added a countdown to the site. I'm not sure we all have the same school schedule, but I think our last day of classes and/or exams is May 23. If yours is different, adjust the countdown accordingly, but I felt like we all needed a tangible, "I can do this for X number of days without losing my mind" sort of goal. Now, back to my coffee and my book.

Heather at 7:42 AM


Friday, March 21, 2003

Thank goodness I wasn't one of the countless numbers of idiots who had Mississippi State picked all the way to the Final Four. No offense, Lizzie.

Heather at 9:20 PM


Which Golden Girl Are You?

Heather at 7:22 PM


You like to talk,
you like to run,
but most of all you like to have fun.

Which drug should you be hooked on? [now with pictures]
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Thursday, March 20, 2003

I just got home from school after a ridiculously long day. One of my favorite but most troubled kids is transfering as of tomorrow. We are at war for reasons that won't ever make the least bit of sense to me. But somehow, I'm still peaceful and happy. I spent two hours this afternoon sitting at a picnic table next to a river and writing page after page in my journal while Casey played a round of disc golf. It was windy and cool and wonderful.

Heather at 6:27 PM


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

"Twenty-five million people watched the show last night and only two of them are in Simmons High School right now!"
--Me, sharing my disgust with 5th period, as Whitney and I discussed American Idol
I'm wondering if I can still write off my pop culture and reality TV obsession as anthropological research, since I already have my degree and I'm drudging along in the work-a-day world. And the possibility always exists that my claims of "anthropological research" were just lame excuses to make my over-consumption of The Real World socially acceptable. And so, as Lizzie did last night, I'm attempting to squeeze in a post before American Idol comes on tonight (hopefully to reveal that crappy Julia/Carmen/Corey has been voted off).

-->American Idol Content<---
Sure, Julia sucks. We all agree on that. (even though I found myself dancing and singing the FlashDance song for quite a while last night.) But why is it that America hasn't seemed to notice that both Carmen and Corey couldn't sing their way out of a karaoke bar full of drunken senior citizens? The middle-of-the-road people are fine with me. I'll let them stick around for a few more weeks. Charles, the Kimberleys, etc are welcome to stay around for awhile. They don't make me want to commit musical suicide the way the triumvirate of suckage does. And as for the top of the heap; there will definitely be a two tier system: The really good vs. The really FUCKING good. In my humble opinion, there are only three that belong in the highest echelon of American Idol cool: Ruben, Trenyce and Josh. And to everyone else, cute little Ricky included, good luck with your guest spots on Boston Public. You can only dream of being as cool as these three.

-->Non-American Idol Content<--
Spring has arrived in the Delta, carried in by a ridiculously gusty wind that nearly blew my car off the road a few times this afternoon. The fields have turned orange and yellow. I don't know enough about the Delta to explain why they aren't the standard issue spring green, but the explosion of color is enough to keep me occupied on my ridiculously long drive to work, so I'm happy. The warm snap hasn't escalated into Spring Fever yet with my students. Nearly all of them can still remain seated for class, with the exception of all of 7th period, but they were never really that well behaved to begin with. I've taken to wearing shorts and ratty t-shirts in the afternoons while I sit on my front porch and attempt to paint the $5 rocking chair that I rescued from an estate sale (after which my dad kindly toted it down the street). It's starting to look folky and almost beautiful, and to know that it's entirely my creation, inspired by a few sun-drenched afternoons, makes me look forward to sitting in it for years to come.

Heather at 4:46 PM


Monday, March 17, 2003

"Forest fire (sarcastic laughter)... for REAL!(sincere alarm)"
--John, on extinguishing one's cigarette while simultaneously lighting the azaleas on fire
So much to say, yet too sleepy to say any of it. My world is confusing. The planet is confusing. We are about to go to war. There is a very large sum of money missing from my checking account. I need groceries and an oil change. I need sleep. I need sanity. I need to go pick out an outfit for tomorrow. I need some random kid to take 6 hours on the writing assessment tomorrow so that the whole day will be shot to hell. And now, I think I need another cigarette.

Heather at 7:33 PM


Sunday, March 16, 2003

I'm home from Spring Break, safe and sound, except for the fact that tonight the world pretty much sucks. I wish there were a more elegant way to say it, but there's a certain grace to being able to admit when things sincerely do suck. So, in lieu of actually posting, I'm taking lame quizzes. For those looking for lame quizzes to post on your own site, you're in luck. For those looking for fascinating Spring Break stories, I'm sorry to disappoint. Better luck next time.

You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make
sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully,
it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into
you playing the dominant role MEORW!

What kind of kiss are you?
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hopeless flirt
Hopeless Flirt

What Kind of FLIRT are you?
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You are pink. You are in limbo. Not pure and manipulated like white, not impure and noble like red. You are unsure of your real identity, but whatever you chose it to be, you can be it. That is your power. You change everyone you touch, and everyone remembers you. In literature, pink represents the place between heaven and hell. You are the one we will never forget.

What inner color are you?

Emotional Wreck. You are extremely emotional. You
feel contentment moreso than happiness and your
emotional lows are to the extreme. You need to
cheer up and start enjoying your life. Where
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to see it more than others. Do something that
makes you happy.

How Emotional Are You?
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Monday, March 10, 2003

Spring Break
Magnolia Coffee will be taking a one week hiatus in honor of Spring Break. You can expect new posts starting next Sunday, March 17, 2003. If you need to find me, my cell phone will be fully functional all week, assuming I remember to keep it properly charged. I'll be operating out of Chattanooga until Wednesday of this week, and then moving all operations (particularly those of a party nature) to Memphis until Sunday morning.

Heather at 7:56 AM


Wednesday, March 05, 2003

"The most productive thing I did all night was write "EXPOSURE" on Heather's leg."
--John, on Wednesday night fun in Greenville with highlighters
It's been a while since I've had something graffitied on me on big block letters, much less pink big block letters. But sometimes, when you're hanging out, and you've already thrown people's shoes across the road, the next logical thing to do is whip out the markers and start writing on exposed body parts. Tina got the worst of it, with "Bjork" partially scribed across her neck. And thankfully highlighter is forgiving and washes off rather easily, as I just tested in the shower.

Sometimes, it just makes sense to write on your best friends. It's good to keep in touch with one's inner kindergartener. And on that note, I'll leave to have happy dreams.

Heather at 7:50 PM


Tuesday, March 04, 2003

"You look like that lady from that movie... You know, Josie Grossie."
--Tanesha, on white people with curly hair
After extended conversation, I argued my way into looking like Drew Barrymore when she isn't an awkward (read: hideous) high school student, and instead looking like Drew Barrymore at the end of the movie with the cheesy baseball (?) game scene where she gets the guy and the world is all sparkles and glitter. I really don't look a thing like Drew Barrymore, but at least my powers of persuasion let me talk my way into a compliment. None of this negates the fact that Never Been Kissed is a horrible, horrible movie.

The week has been slow thus far, and promises to be more of the same. Exam weeks are usually boring but restful. And so tonight, in lieu of preparing knock-'em-dead lessons, I'm embarking on a creative project of sorts, one that sadly most of you will never see. (Not that it's going to be all that spectacular.) But I'm feeling poetic, and I need to return a favor, so I'm thinking of combining the two. So if you recall mailing me a gift in the past week or so, expect something in the mail. And if you haven't given me anything recently, what in hell is your problem? Speaking of which, how's that birthday gift coming along, Lizzie? Last time I checked it's MARCH!

Heather at 2:32 PM


Sunday, March 02, 2003

"Thanks for not hanging up on me."
--Todd, unintentionally profound, on friendship, family, and love
I have learned one thing this weekend, and I might be so bold as to say that it is the most important thing a person can ever learn. I know now, more than at any other point in my life, that I am loved. And because of this, at some point last night all of the tears I was crying out of fear and frustration and helplessness changed over to tears of gratitude, thankfullness that I am so lucky to be at this place at this time with these people.

Two things happenned last night. To you, the outside observer (in most cases) such things might seem unimportant. But to me, both of these events have already been filed into that select catalog of "Things I will remember until I'm no longer on this earth."

One: Friendship has never been easy for me. I've always had friends, lots of friends, and despite my tendencies to tell anything and everything to anyone and everyone, it is in my nature to create barriers and keep people at some sort of emotional distance. But last night, something wonderful happenned and I woke up and realized that I finally had the type of friends that anyone in their right mind would give up everything for. And perhaps the best part is that I have not one of these friends but two. While we were waiting for our table at T.G.I. Friday's in Memphis, something came up and it became clear that I might want to leave the group for a bit and go do my own thing. But, being the doubting faithless person that I am, I was afraid to bring up the issue with the group, knowing that the others with us who are less accustomed to my flightiness would scoff at the idea of my leaving the group. But I never had to worry about a thing. While I casually talked to Mike, I noticed that Amber and John had gone over to present the case to the group and fight my battle for me out of some senselessly pure desire for me to be happy.
TheImageAn "L" shaped bar, my friends sitting at the corner with me sitting halfway down the longest arm of the L. Mike standing beside me, talking to me, while I watch Amber and John tag team with some surely ridiculous explanation of my crazy plans.I must be the luckiest person in the world.
OnepointFive:I called home with the crazy thought that I was going to ask Ashley what song was playing in the restaurant. Instead, Todd answered. I asked for Ashley, she was not home, I hesitated, almost hung up, but the moment had passed and as soon as Todd said, "Heather?" I didn't have the heart. We talked, about nothing in particular, promising to talk again as soon as we could find the time and the strength. I felt, and still feel, that intense pull that I don't need to be anywhere other than home, sitting on the porch, talking and trying to make some sense of the world.
TheImageI am standing in the entry way to Friday's, between the doors to the street and the doors that lead into the restaurant. Every so often I can hear either the cars outside and feel a cold rush of air or hear the music playing inside. I am leaning against the plateglass window, looking down the street, watching a light cycle through green-yellow-red-green, listening to Todd's voice, smiling with tears running down my face.
Two:And later, after I had talked to Todd finally, and I couldn't talk or laugh or interact with anyone, Amber and John never left my side. I never once had to doubt that there would be someone there to talk to me or listen to me at the precise moment when I was ready to deal with things. We walked to The Flying Saucer, had a drink, talked about nothing in particular, and attempted to make the best of a casual situtation that couldn't have been in sharper contrast to the intensely uncasual things going on in my head. We left, and thanks to the impeccable timing of Mandy and Laurel's bathroom break had a few moments to stand outside and talk and regroup.
TheImage I am sitting at a picnic table in front of The Flying Saucer at a busy intersection in Memphis. Amber sits on my right and Mike on my left, as they tag-team-pep-talk, saying things they have both said before, only this time they make sense. And I know that even though absolutely everything has changed, I can have faith that something beautiful and wonderful will be the same for as long as I want it to be.

Heather at 8:52 PM


Saturday, March 01, 2003

Ash between your legs and throw the butt over your head
The prez and v.p. trekked to Memphis again last night. Tremendous fun had by all, including the raccoon that I believe was videotaping my lovely porch conversations. (Raccoons can be sneaky like that.) I'm feeling a bit better for those of you who have been worried: less like my life is ending and more like a real human being.

Since I'm stuck in class I can't focus enough to write a captivating recreation of last night's festivities. In the meantime, you can read Jeremy's friend Kenny's account on his live journal.

Heather at 1:34 PM