Thursday, January 26, 2006

Also, there was a Pottery Barn catalog.

Sometimes, when you've had a really horrible day (and you should be editing both a grant and an orientation guide, but you're really sitting at the computer reading bloglines and twirling your new short hair) you just need to go outside in the cold wearing flip-flops and no coat and check the mail, and when you're almost there a little brown bunny might hop out from the ditch and look really cute and really scared and make everything at least semi-okay again.

Heather at 8:02 PM


Sunday, January 22, 2006

A return to the list: You know you've missed them.

1: Cute house=Frustrating
1. It's going to rain tonight. Typically this would mean a morning full of kitchen mopping and counter sponging as my kitchen decided to fill up with water overnight. Now, with the advent of the new and miraculous "gutters", this means that my living room wall will have water running down it all night, ruining my paint job and making large unsightly puddles in my basement. Note to self: Rip gutter off front of house.
2. I think I have a rat in the basement. His poop is HUGE. I hope he likes it down there. I'm not going to kill him for fear that he has a large family that might come to avenge his death. He stays down there, I stay mildly worried but relatively happy.
3. This place is a damn wreck. (Wreck=cluttered, messy, and overall unkempt)
4. I have no time to clean so it will continue to be a wreck until at least early February.

2: Job=Frustrating
1. I am working too much. I am not taking my flex time. My boss has been less-than-approachable lately making me afraid to ask for flex-time. That, and part of me feels greedy for asking for flex time knowing how much less I'm working now that I'm not teaching.
2. I feel behind on EVERYTHING.
3. I have large events two weekends in a row.
4. I'm, at best, semi-prepared for both weekends.

3: Birthday=Frustrating
1. Any and all alleged-party-planning is nonexistent. Everyone is too broke, disinterested, busy to plan a birthday party.
2. If everyone forgets, I won't be entirely surprised.
3. I hate birthdays.
4. I've always said the odd years are great and the even ones make me want to crawl up and die. 25, as a whole, has made me want to crawl up and die. It was odd. It was supposed to rock. I have incredibly low expectations for 26.

4: Me=Feeling super sucky
1. Head-cold-from-hell is still lingering in the form of "entirely too much snot for one person to produce". (Enough snot to make me wish I had a bike and lived somewhere cold so I could pull off the whole frozen-snot-rocket-in-motion maneuver.)
2. See all of the above.
3. I'm being lame about ALL my friendships, esp. the long distance ones.
4. Love life? Yeah right. I've been reduced to the "snippets of my day voice mails" that I'm sure boys everywhere love so much. I doubt he even listens to them.

5: That goddamned silver lining
1. It's Sunday, so I got to read PostSecret.
2. I might get flowers at staff meeting in the morning.
3. I went to the Soddy-Daisy WalMart last night and saw an obviously single guy buying a BRIGHT turquoise large, rectangular, canvas trashcan (very stylish) and a black folding chair, and couldn't help but think this was his attempt at very sparse, mod apartment furnishings. (p.s. I think he was wearing a Nascar t-shirt.)
4. My loveable-gay-cashier at Books-a-Million (who is a compulsive complimenter) telling me my six-dollar T.J. Maxx wallet was "smart".

Heather at 7:27 PM