Monday, August 30, 2004

So you wanna be an actor?

Teaching drama has always been a challenge. See, I've never actually taken a drama class. I was one of the "smart kids" who devoted endless hours in high school making fun of the "drama kids." And seriously, they were sort of lame. "Come see my play!!!" and "Listen to my monologue!!!" My reply was always something in the neighborhood of "Can you leave me alone while I do my Calculus/Physics/Something else really hard homework?"

However, now that I get to see things from the other angle in the classroom, drama is an awakening. My shy kids who struggle with fear and nervousness every single day (even though they know that every single day they will be expected to come to the front for one activity or another). My hyperactive kids who jump up into other people's scenes because they can't possibly sit in their seats and let something uninspired take place in the front of the room.

And now that year three is underway, and I'm something close to being organized every day, I'm beginning to realize that I have some students who are truly brilliant. They could have long, difficult careers at mid-tier college theater programs. They could do commercials. They could certainly do stand-up comedy.

The best part is always hearing the classroom get completely quiet before one of them begins to act. The sort of quiet that can only be brought on by sincere anticipation and awe. They know what they are witnessing. Every once in a while they look over at me while brilliant acting is taking place to make sure I know, too.

So to you, my actors, I hope I'm a good enough teacher to show you that you have something special, something that can work for you in the future.

Heather at 8:18 PM


Thursday, August 26, 2004

For instances of pent up Democratic aggression...

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

I am the face on the milk carton.

I haven't gone missing; I'm just flying below the radar. (practicing my technique for my eventual and inevitable appearance on a reality show)

My days and nights have been full of hour-eating-bullshit and/or new obsessive-compulsive obesessions, thus rendering me tired and grouchy and/or too cool to post.

To keep you up to speed, a few of the new things to which I'm devoting entirely too much time:
1. The never ending pursuit to keep my apartment situated comfortably amidst lovely adjectives like "cool," "comfortable," and "kitschy" "clean" and "liveable."
2. Cooking as much as humanly possible without the aid of a microwave or ample counterspace.
3. Becoming the "cool teacher" whose children cry when they are forced against their will to get schedule changes once the ever-wise administration realizes my class load is more than twenty students above the state limit.
4. Teaching my ASS off. (And we all know I didn't have that much ass to begin with. Damn you, white girl flat booty!)
5. Eating fudgesicles.
6. Watching/making fun of/drooling over the Olympics.

Heather at 6:06 PM


Saturday, August 07, 2004

Long time gone

A gap this pronounced between postings leaves one at a loss for where to begin. As most of you know a lot has happenned. Friendships lost, friendships regained, a couple thousand miles on my car, lost hours of sleep, falling in love, staying in love, dealing with the problems of being in love, moving, moving other people, dealing with the displacement of friends (if merely geographic in nature).

School starts on Monday, a moment sure to usher in a new wealth of school related postings, or perhaps not. Even though I've already had to deal with the trouble of changing classrooms (again) and less than precise schedules, everything seems to have slowed down in the work department. Nothing seems crazy and stressful right now. (I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that I now know I can come home and lay on my couch for hours at a time and there isn't anyone around to say or do a damn thing about it. It's amazing what living alone can do for a person's well-being.) Simply put, things are peaceful now. Peaceful, happy, and well decorated.

I'll save the rest for some other time. Politics, my newfound love of K-Mart, the zen quality of having all silver electronics, the constant smothering sensation of 'what happens next,' blahbity blahbity blah.

Just thought a couple people might need to know I'm still alive, and more mellow than you've ever seen me.

Heather at 9:32 PM